Provides l-tyrosine, an amino acid that the brain, adrenals, thyroid and other organs use to make neurotransmitters that are crucial to emotional balance and adaptability, especially when under mental strain.

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The Benefits


Promotes positive mood and emotional balance


Enhances clear thinking and cognitive function
Stress Support

Stress Support

Supports a healthy response to everyday stress

Healthy Stress Response

Tyrosine supports the brain, adrenals and thyroid, especially when coping with stress or intense mental strain.

Promotes Healthy Emotional Balance

Tyrosine is a precursor (starting molecule) for the catecholamine neurotransmitters dopamine (DA) and norepinephrine (NE). The brain needs DA especially for working memory ("multitasking"), and NE especially for cognitive adaptability. NE and DA operate in synchrony with the brain's other neurotransmitters to promote healthy mood, behavior and mental focus.

Supports Mental Focus Under Stressful Challenge

Stress, or sometimes just intense mental effort, intensifies brain activity and depletes supplies of DA and NE. The brain has special transport enzymes that import l-tyrosine across the blood-brain barrier, as needed to replete DA and NE. In a double-blind clinical trial, a 2-gram dose of tyrosine helped undergrad students perform better at multitasking, to "make the right choices" under mental challenge.

Supports Healthy Adrenal Gland Function

Emotional intensity or stress stimulates the adrenals to release NE, and E (epinephrine, adrenaline) that they make from NE. This NE helps the brain cope with the challenge. The adrenals also rely on DA for their normal stress response. Healthy adrenal function requires ample l-tyrosine to sustain their production of DA, NE and E.

Supports Healthy Thyroid Gland Function

The thyroid makes the hormone thyroxine (tetraiodothyronine, T4). This hormone helps regulate the body's energy metabolism, but when under stress may make less T4. The brain needs l-tyrosine in order to regulate the thyroid to ensure T4 production.

The Formula
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    No Artificial Flavoring
  • Egg Free
    Egg Free
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    Yeast Free
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Supplement Facts
Serving Size 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container 60
Amount Per Serving % DV
(free form amino acid)
1000 mg *
* Daily Value (DV) not established.
Other Ingredients: Vegetable cellulose (vegetarian capsule), microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide.

Free from milk/dairy, gluten, wheat, yeast, soy, eggs, corn, or artificial colors or flavoring.
1000 mg

Tyrosine (l-tyrosine) is an amino acid that is required for the production of the neurotransmitters dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. The thyroid gland needs tyrosine to make the hormone thyroxine, and the skin needs it to make melanin. Having sufficient quantities of tyrosine in the brain promotes mental clarity in dealing with stress.

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Compare with Similar Products

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Health Benefits Mood Clarity Stress Support Mood Calm Focus Digestion Mood Stress Support
Ingredients Tyrosine Vitamin B6 L-Tyrosine GABA L-Glutamine L-Taurine 5-Hydroxytryptophan Lactobacillus helveticus Strain R0052 Bifidobacterium longum Strain R0175
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know whether I need this supplement?
Different people vary widely in their DA, NE and E status. Extensive animal and human research indicates that intense mental effort, especially when maintained over periods of days to weeks, can deplete these crucial brain transmitters. The more busy you are and the more mentally strained, the more likely you are to need Tyrosine.
What's the best way to take this supplement?
It's very important to take Tyrosine a couple hours away from food, because certain amino acids from proteins you've recently digested can compete with l-tyrosine for the brain's transporters and block its delivery to the brain.
How much should I take for best results?
A good maintenance dose is 2 capsules once or twice daily between meals. Depending on their pace of life some individuals may benefit from substantially higher intakes, as recommended by a nutritionally-informed physician.
Can vegetarians take this product?
Yes, it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.