Calm My Brain: A Natural, Fast-Acting Way to Help Relieve Anxiousness
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Nicole Avena

These days, it seems like everyone’s worried or on edge.

Many people deal with stressful situations or anxious thoughts every day. Are you one of them?

Stress and Anxiousness

Stress is a response to an existing stress-causing factor (stressor). Anxiousness may be the result of intense, prolonged stress. These feelings may be disproportionate to the magnitude of the stressor and may continue well after the stressor is gone.

Though stress and anxiousness are closely related, not all people who deal with excessive stress will experience feelings of anxiousness. However, anxiousness can be exacerbated by stress, which can be measured as elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Managing stress often will also lessen feelings of anxiousness.

Relieve Anxiousness Naturally

Properly managing your stress is a critical factor in preventing the many mental and physical problems that can result from occasional, extreme anxiousness.

Many people who struggle with anxious thoughts and feelings can end up predicting the worst, avoiding conflict, and being plagued with self-doubt, fear, and panic. Having heightened worry or feelings of anxiousness can lead to physical problems too, like muscle tension, dizziness, pain, shortness of breath, and panic attacks.

If you’re one of the millions of Americans struggling with feelings of anxiousness, the good news is that diet and lifestyle factors, like taking high-quality supplements, can help.

If you tend to worry or have persistent anxious thoughts, consider trying BrainMD’s new calm-promoting, stress-managing nutrient combination…

 Calm My Brain

Calm My Brain provides generous daily doses of high-potency ingredients to manage stress, promote calm, and relieve anxiousness. You may benefit from this stress-managing formula if you have: Relieve Anxiousness 2

  • problems with feelings of anxiousness
  • trouble winding down at night
  • challenges with food cravings
  • difficulty coping with long-term stress
  • poor sleep quality

Benefits of Calm My Brain

This product is a combination of three pure and potent ingredients that have been intensively researched for feelings of anxiousness, and with positive benefits for stress, relaxation, and sleep.

The ingredients have been shown to help with:

  • managing anxiousness and stress
  • reducing tension and irritability
  • regulating unhealthy eating
  • supporting calmness
  • improving sleep quality

The clinically researched ingredients in Calm My Brain can make a substantial difference in improving the well-being of individuals living with feelings of anxiousness.

Keep Calm and Live Well

Researched in clinical trials, the ingredients in this robust formula may help lessen tension and irritability, enhance calm, relieve anxiousness and related unhealthy eating, and improve sleep quality. It also can help promote a balanced stress response, including cortisol levels.

Calm My Brain is a unique blend of dynamic nutraceutical ingredients for reducing anxiousness, promoting relaxation, and preparing you for restorative sleep.

Calm My Brain Ingredients

The three high-quality ingredients in this formula work synergistically to relieve anxiousness.

Magnesium (as threonate, bisglycinate chelate, malate, and citrate)

Magnesium is an essential mineral for all the cells of the body and is fundamentally important for the electrical activity of the brain’s nerve cells and for the healthy functioning of their trillions of information connections (synapses). Known as “the relaxation mineral,” magnesium plays an important role in hydration, muscle relaxation, energy production, regulation of adrenaline and overall sleep quality. Magnesium promotes a calm, balanced, and mentally focused demeanor.

Ashwagandha (standardized root extract KSM-66®)

The ashwagandha herb (Withania somnifera) has long been revered for its medicinal powers in Indian Ayurveda and other traditional medicine systems in the Mediterranean, Africa, and China. As an adaptogen, it helps the body adjust to psychological or physical stress by promoting calm and overall mental focus. Ashwagandha has been associated with improved memory and attention, and also benefits feelings of anxiousness and sleep.


Extensive clinical research links this amino acid with the health benefits of green tea. L-theanine enhances relaxing alpha brain wave activity, reduces tension, and fosters a restful state without diminishing daytime alertness. It also can promote healthy blood pressure stability against the over-excitability associated with stress.

Calm My Brain FAQ

How can I take Calm My Brain?

Adults can take 3 capsules daily, with food. Children ages 4-18 can take 1 capsule per 40 pounds body weight, maximum 3 capsules daily.

Why does the label say this supplement is fast-acting?

Clinical studies have found that l-theanine can bring on relaxation in less than an hour.

Many supplements have magnesium oxide. Why don’t you use it?

Magnesium oxide is known to be very poorly absorbed. BrainMD uses only the best ingredients available. This formula’s four magnesium sources are all well absorbed and well tolerated.

Which other BrainMD supplements can make Calm My Brain work even better?

Taking NeuroVite Plus and Omega-3 Power/Omega-3 Power Squeeze will help you be sure to get the core essential nutrients your brain and body needs to best utilize Calm My Brain.

Is this product safe to take during pregnancy?

With the safety of mother and baby in mind, we don’t recommend taking herbals while pregnant or breastfeeding. To ensure sufficient levels of magnesium during this period, Magnesium Chewables is a safe and effective option.

Can this supplement make me dependent on it?

No. As with other BrainMD products, this is a dietary supplement, not a drug, and is not habit-forming.

I’m vegan and have allergies. Will I be able to tolerate this product?

This product is suitable for vegans and compatible with keto or paleo dietary patterns. It is free from dairy, glutens, sugar, corn, soy, nuts, eggs, yeast, and artificial colorings or flavorings.

Calm My Brain is a powerful combination of ultra-pure nutrients that offers comprehensive management of anxiousness and stress. Try it today!

Coming January 17th!

At BrainMD, we’re dedicated to providing the highest purity nutrients to improve your physical health and overall well-being. For more information about the Calm My Brain and our full list of brain healthy supplements, please visit us at BrainMD.


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kathryn Rogers

Are your supplements approvedby the FDA? Is there a money-back guarantee?


Are there additional ingredients to the ones listed? Thank you!

Katherine walters

How many pills do you need to take and can u take it with a antidepressant

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Does it have to be taken with food?