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How to Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome Naturally | BrainMD

3 of the Best Ways to Heal Your Leaky Gut

  The gastrointestinal (GI) tract or “gut” has a lining that separates its contents from the body’s other tissues and organs. The gut houses a diverse resident population of bacteria, along with some viruses...
Ways to Be More Sustainable | BrainMD

4 Simple Changes to Be More Sustainable in Your Home

  With the colder months approaching, it’s a great time to learn how to be more sustainable at home. That means living in a way that doesn’t deplete or damage your personal health or...
Best Foods for Menopause & How to Relieve Symptoms Naturally | BrainMD

Best Foods for Menopause & How to Relieve Symptoms Naturally

  Menopause is a dreaded word for a lot of women. Yet, it doesn’t have to be. With a deeper understanding and a few informed dietary changes, it’s possible to make menopause a smoother,...
Calming Foods to Relieve Stress | What to Eat & Avoid With Anxiety & Stress | BrainMD

Avoid These Foods When You Feel Anxious or Stressed

  Many people would do just about anything to alleviate their stress and worry. This kind of desperation can lead to making rash decisions, which can have potentially dire consequences on overall health and...
Ways to stay healthy on labor day

10 Healthy Ways to Celebrate Labor Day

  10 Healthy Ways to Celebrate Labor Day Traditionally, the Labor Day weekend is a much-needed break when you can spend some quality time with friends and family. Due to the assemblage and distancing...
Best Muscle Recovery Tips | Relieve Muscles Soreness After a Workout | BrainMD

5 of the Best Ways to Avoid Post-Workout Muscle Pain

  Whether you’re new to exercising or have been working out for many years, one thing you’ll notice is how sore your muscles can get after a workout. Though completely normal, muscle soreness can...
What is Bioavailability? How to Get the Most From Your Vitamins

Here Are Some of the Best Highly-Absorbed Vitamins

  Vitamins and certain mineral nutrients are essential for our survival. The body runs on thousands of enzymes, most of which need vitamins or minerals to be part of their structure or as necessary...
Best Types of Plant-Based Milk | Nondairy Milk | Cows Milk Alternatives

What Are the Best Types of Plant-Based Milk?

  We all know that milk is good for building strong bones and teeth, right? The dairy industry has gone to great lengths to convey that message, especially to parents concerned for the health...
Best Food Pre & Post Workout

Best Foods to Eat Pre & Post Workouts

  Discover the Best Foods to Eat Before and After Your Workout We all know the discipline it takes to get in a good workout, whether it’s an aerobic activity or focused strength training....
Benefits of Collagen Supplements | BrainMD

Benefits of Collagen: How to Get More Collagen in Your Diet

  Collagen is enjoying a moment of glory. The popular supplement has gained traction with consumers looking for youthful benefits for their skin, bones, joints, and more. They are slathering it on their skin,...