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How to Relieve PMS Symptoms Naturally | BrainMD

Natural Ways to Relieve PMS Symptoms With Your Diet

  Here’s a shocking news flash for menstruating women: premenstrual syndrome (PMS) – the bloating, cramping, sensitivity, breast tenderness, and irritability that comes after ovulation and before menstruation – is not an inevitable occurrence....
Introducting BrainMD's Neuro Greens Superfood Powder Drink | BrainMD

This is the Smarter Way to Get Your Greens
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Paris Kidd

  Although most people know it’s important to include a variety of fruits and vegetables in their diet, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that only 1 in 10 Americans are...
How to Do a Digital Detox: Tips for How to Unplug, Reduce Screen Time and Be Present | BrainMD

7 Best Ways to Reclaim Your Life with a Digital Detox

Why You May Be Ready for a Digital Detox While technology has improved our lives in countless ways, it has also presented many unique challenges. Due to the prevalence of digital devices, people today...
Common Myths of Attention Deficit Disorder | How to Improve ADHD Naturally | BrainMD

5 Common Myths on Attention Deficit Problems
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Paris Kidd

  Attention issues remain one of the most misunderstood and incorrectly treated cognitive and behavioral problems today. This has given rise to many myths about attention issues and the behavioral and learning problems often...
How to Stop Negative Thoughts | BrainMD

How to Stop Negative Thoughts & Self-Talk

  When considering ways to improve the overall health of our brain and body, we tend to focus on getting consistent exercise, achieving restful sleep, and eating a healthy diet (accompanied with quality nutritional...
How to Prevent Brain Aging & Improve Memory

What You Need to Know About Brain Aging

  Did you know that the adult brain loses an average of 85,000 neurons every day? In early childhood, the brain is very active, growing new neurons and developing new connections between synapses. Older...
Natual Sleep Supplement for Kids | BrainMD

Help Your Child Get Better Sleep With This Gentle & Natural Sleep Supplement
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Paris Kidd

  Does your child get enough sleep each night? If not, they could be developing a serious sleep issue. Sleep Deprivation Sleep deprivation has reached epidemic proportions. According to the authoritative Institute of Medicine...
How to Treat Concussion at Home

Concussion Rescue: Strategies for How to Treat a Concussion

  Like many of you, part of my weekends involves escorting my children to various sports games and practices. One particularly chilly day in November during my 12-year-old son’s basketball game, our team was...
Best Types of Plant-Based Milk | Nondairy Milk | Cows Milk Alternatives

What Are the Best Types of Plant-Based Milk?

  We all know that milk is good for building strong bones and teeth, right? The dairy industry has gone to great lengths to convey that message, especially to parents concerned for the health...
3 Ways to Help Your Child Manage Attention Issues & ADHD

6 of the Best Ways to Manage Your Child’s Attention Issues

  Attention issues remain one of the most misunderstood and incorrectly treated issues today. Focus challenges can have a negative impact on brain function, which is especially true for children and teens. Unfortunately, the...