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This Is a Powerful & Natural Sleep Supplement for Kids

  Does your child get enough sleep each night? If not, they could be developing a serious sleep issue. Sleep Deprivation Sleep deprivation has reached epidemic proportions. According to the authoritative Institute of Medicine (US) Committee on Sleep Medicine and Research, as many as 70 million Americans have ongoing sleep...

What is L-theanine? Natural Supplements for Stress

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What Is L-theanine and How Can It Help Me?

  Would you be interested in a natural plant substance that can reduce stress and worry while improving mood, focus, memory, and mental alertness? Meet l-theanine! What Is L-theanine? L-theanine is a unique amino acid that is not used to make proteins and naturally occurs in green tea. When consumed...

Best Muscle Recovery Tips | Relieve Muscles Soreness After a Workout | BrainMD

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5 of the Best Ways to Avoid Post-Workout Muscle Pain

  Whether you’re new to exercising or have been working out for many years, one thing you’ll notice is how sore your muscles can get after a workout. Though completely normal, muscle soreness can be extremely unpleasant and can even lead to long-term problems if not treated properly. Dealing with...

Become a Brain Health Licensed Trainer | BrainMD

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3 of the Best Ways to Become a Brain Warrior

  The war for your health is won or lost in your brain. When your brain works right, your decisions are more likely to have a positive effect on your life. When your brain is troubled, your decisions are more likely to have a negative, even catastrophic, impact on your...

What is Bioavailability? How to Get the Most From Your Vitamins

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Here Are Some of the Best Highly-Absorbed Vitamins

  Vitamins and certain mineral nutrients are essential for our survival. The body runs on thousands of enzymes, most of which need vitamins or minerals to be part of their structure or as necessary cofactors for the reactions they make happen. Without essential nutrients, we cannot make and use energy....

GABA for Sleep | Benefits of GABA | GABA Supplements

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How to Naturally Increase GABA for Better Sleep

How to Achieve Restful Sleep With GABA Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a natural, mental, and physical “off” switch to downshift your brain and body at the end of the day? In these stressful times, relaxation and restful sleep are more important than ever to well-being. If you’re feeling...

Guide to Gluten-Free Diet | BrainMD


A Beginners Guide to the Gluten-Free Diet

  Eating gluten-free is not a fad. Unlike other food trends such as the paleo and keto diets, abstaining from gluten is a medical necessity for roughly 7% of Americans. Add to this the fact that gluten-related problems are on the rise, and it’s no wonder more individuals than ever...

How to Treat Concussion at Home

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Concussion Rescue: Strategies for How to Treat a Concussion

  Like many of you, part of my weekends involves escorting my children to various sports games and practices. One particularly chilly day in November during my 12-year-old son’s basketball game, our team was playing against an especially aggressive opponent. I turned my head away from the game for a...

Benefits of EPA and DHA Fish Oil | BrainMD

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Top Benefits of EPA and DHA Fish Oil for Your Health

6 Major Benefits of EPA and DHA For Your Health It has been scientifically demonstrated that your brain needs the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA to function optimally. Though not technically classed as essential, these fatty acids are called essential for a reason – our bodies need them, and...

How to Be Resilient | Science of Being Strong and Positive Through Tough Times

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How to Be Resilient & Positive in a Negative World

  You’ve probably heard the expression, “When life knocks you down, get back up.” Easier said than done. During the global health crisis, many have been knocked down…hard. Some have lost their jobs. Others have lost someone close to them. There are no magic words that can make things better...