Anatomy of the Brain 1

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Anatomy of the Brain: How Well Do You Know Your Brain?

  How well do you know your brain? As the executive control center of the entire body – and the supervisor of every thought, mood, memory, and action – your brain makes you who you are. Brain Basics Even though your brain makes up only about 2 percent of your...

probrainbiotics max questions

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ProBrainBiotics MAX Questions | What You Need to Know About Probiotics

  Dr. Parris M. Kidd, our Chief Science Officer and Director of Quality, has a PhD in cellular and developmental biology from the University of California at Berkeley and 38 years of expertise in dietary supplements and integrative medicine. Today, we’re picking his brain on probiotics, getting the answers to...

Emotional Healing 1

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Here Are Some of the Best Ways to Find Emotional Healing

  At some point in life, we all get dealt an emotional blow. Maybe it’s a job loss or health crisis, a breakup or divorce, the loss of a loved one, or a major disappointment. When emotional pain strikes, it’s vital to our well-being to take a step back and...

Is Fluoride Good of Bad 1

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Fluoride Essentials: Is Fluoride Good or Bad for Your Teeth?

  What kind of toothpaste do you use? Too personal? Okay, does your toothpaste have fluoride in it? A debate has been waged for decades over the ostensible benefits of fluoride. Some feel it’s healthy for human consumption and others strongly disagree. So, which side is right? Before you scrub...

Benefits of Probiotics

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Benefits of Probiotics: How to Boost Your Immunity, Brain & Gut Health

  Did you know the human body is a complex biological ecosystem? It provides shelter and food for “friendly” bacteria, which return these favors by supporting our healthy functioning in different ways. The intestinal bacterial population, or gut microbiome, contains trillions of bacterial cells. In the healthy gut, friendly bacteria...

Brain-smart Herbs and Spices 1

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Here’s How to Flavor Your Foods with Brain-Smart Herbs and Spices

  It’s easy to forget that herbs and spices aren’t just flavor enhancers for food, but promoters of good health too. These plant-derived seasonings have a long history of medicinal applications that you can use in your cooking. Here are some of the most powerful, brain-smart herbs and spices, along...

Nature Adventure 4

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Here Are Some of the Benefits of Going On a Nature Adventure

  We don’t need science to tell us that traveling is good for our mental health, or that nature makes us feel better. If you travel or spend time outdoors, you probably already know this to be true. But science does confirm this. The health benefits of traveling are well...

Blood Work 1

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Blood Work Basics: What You Need to Know to Improve Your Health

  When was the last time you got your blood work done? In the past, some doctors recommended getting blood work done in conjunction with an annual physical. Depending on your genetics and current state of health, you may need to have a blood draw more frequently, especially if advised...

Help a Friend 1

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10 Supportive Ways to Help A Friend with Depressive Thoughts

  In 2019, before the COVID pandemic hit, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated roughly 18.5 percent of American adults experienced frequent depressive thoughts. A recent survey showed that 23.5 percent of U.S. adult women and 21 percent of adult men self-reported having depressive thoughts. That means most...

MCT Recipes 1

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Here’s How to Cook with MCT Oil (Recipes Included!)

  The brain and body derive energy from many sources. One of the most potent sources of energy are the medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) from coconut oil. You’ll find high-quality, ultra-pure MCTs in BrainMD’s new quick energy supplement… Brain MCT Energy Brain MCT Energy is an oily dietary supplement that offers...