How to Deal With Family Drama | Avoid Family Conflicts During the Holidays

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How to Avoid Family Drama During the Holidays

  In an ideal world, the holidays would only be filled with good times and happy memories. Unfortunately, most people don’t exist in that uncomplicated reality. It seems like every family has at least one relative who excels at creating drama during the holidays. When you’re around such negative or...

Plant-Based Foods for Building Lean Muscle | BrainMD

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5 Plant-Based Foods That Can Help You Build Lean Muscle

  What do elephants, horses, Venus Williams, and Colin Kaepernick all have in common? They are plant-based eaters who exhibit incredible strength and endurance. If you are a plant-based eater wondering if you can build lean muscle, let these magnificent herbivores and world-class athletes be a testament that you most...

How to Cope With Grief & Loss During COVID | BrainMD

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Helpful Ways to Cope with Grief and Loss During Hard Times

  Millions of people are dealing with loss right now. During the health crisis, some have lost their jobs. Others have lost someone close to them. Perhaps your life has been negatively impacted during the stay-at-home season. Identifying and processing your feelings can help you cope with a personal, relational,...

How to Promote Testosterone Levels Naturally | BrainMD

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What Are the Best Ways to Promote Testosterone Levels?

  Did you know that testosterone isn’t just a male hormone? Both men and women have testosterone. In fact, men and women have virtually identical types of hormones. The relative amounts of the various hormones can differ and traditionally assigned gender differences often come from these variances in hormone levels....

4 Healthy Mushroom Recipes to Try | BrainMD

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4 Simple & Healthy Mushroom Recipes to Try Today

  In part one, nutritionist Zoe Davis took a deep dive into the science, health benefits, and sample uses of the six superfood mushrooms found in BrainMD’s Smart Mushrooms. In this article, Zoe gives preparation tips for how to use these immune-boosting mushrooms in delicious foods and beverages. Below are...

Benefits of Being an Early Riser | How to Become a Morning Person | BrainMD

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6 Simple Ways to Become an Early Riser

What Are the Benefits of Being an Early Riser? Do you ever wake up super early and find that you really enjoy seeing the sunrise and having ample time to start your day? Maybe you even think, “I should do this more often,” but it never seems to happen. There...

8 Best Ways to Keep Your Brain Fit | BrainMD

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8 Best Ways to Keep Your Brain Fit

  As the executive control center of the entire body – and the supervisor of every thought, mood, memory, and action – your brain makes you you. That’s why you must do everything you can to take care of your brain. How Fit Is Your Brain? Many people don’t realize...

What is Adrenal Fatigue & How to Relieve Symptoms of Adrenal Overload

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Are You Tired of Dealing with Adrenal Overload?

  Are you struggling with exhaustion, body aches, or digestion problems? You may be dealing with adrenal issues. If you feel tired all day, even after getting a good night’s sleep, it could be a sign that your stress load is more than what your adrenal glands can handle. Stress-induced...

Morning Rituals Ideas & Tips to Boost Your Happiness | BrainMD

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Morning Rituals to Boost Your Daily Happiness

  Do you wake up feeling energetic and excited about the day ahead, or with your finger glued to the snooze button? For many, it’s the latter, but maximizing your mornings can make a huge difference on your health and happiness. An intentional morning routine has the power to supercharge...

Best Types of Mushrooms to Eat | Functional Mushrooms For Health Benefits

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6 Functional Mushrooms to Help Boost Your Immunity & Health

  I love mushrooms. I always have. I was one of those kids whose favorite grilled treat was thick, juicy portobello mushrooms, and whose favorite pizza was…mushroom pizza. Weird? Maybe. But I was onto something at a young age. Now, as a functional medicine nutritionist, I have the pleasure of...