What is Cozy Cardio & Why We Actually Love This Approach to Fitness!

Cozy cardio is a fun, mindful fitness trend that’s reimagining what working out looks like.

Basically, cozy cardio is all about getting some low impact movement in the comfort of your own home, with comfy clothes, fun entertainment, and a tasty drink – like a vanilla tahini protein shake or brain-smart smoothie.

The viral craze was introduced to us by TikTok content creator, Hope Zuckerbrow. She shares her vision in one of her videos:

“I want cozy cardio to be a movement for women to reclaim their relationship with exercise.” – Hope Zuckerbrow

There are no rigid guidelines to this laid-back method. That’s one of the great things about cozy cardio.

The foundation of this fitness approach relies on low-impact movement. You can feel free to choose the type of movement that fits your space and personal preference.

4 Types of Low Impact Movement to Try

1.    Walking

Hope Zuckerbrow uses a walking pad for her early morning sessions. You can also use a treadmill, walk in place, or even do stair-stepping. Walking is such a simple movement, but the research on the benefits of walking are extensive.

2.    Stationary Bike

A stationary bike is another low-impact cardio exercise that can be done in the comfort of your own home. You can start slow and pick up the pace, depending on the level of intensity you’re going for. Cardio exercises aren’t only important for a healthy heart, but also for a healthy brain.

3.    Dancing

Dancing might not be the first exercise that comes to mind when thinking about getting cozy, but it’s a perfect exercise for the feel-good energy of cozy cardio. Turning up some good music, setting the mood lighting, and dancing in your living room is a sure way to get your heart rate up and release some endorphins, giving you a mood boost and positive mindset for the day.

4.    Yoga

Yoga has been around for over 5,000 years and for good reason! Yoga is an increasingly popular way to exercise, decrease stress, increase vitality, and improve overall well-being. Although yoga isn’t technically considered cardio, we wanted to include it because it fits in perfectly with the cozy vibe!

Here’s the Basics of a Cozy Cardio Workout

Mix and match your favorite elements:

●      Low-impact movement

●      A cozy space

●      A tasty drink

●      Mood lighting

●      Candles

●      Music

●      TV show

●      Movie

●      Cozy socks

●      Comfortable clothes

●      Soft blankets

Once you’ve gotten your space ready, it’s time for your workout to begin!

Start slow and pick up the energy as you go. Take your time. Try not to rush through the movement. Cozy cardio is an ultimate form of self-care. It addresses three aspects of loving yourself: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

5 Reasons Why We Love Cozy Cardio


If you’re not convinced yet to try cozy cardio for yourself, here are a few more reasons why we love it:

1.    It Prioritizes Moving Your Body

Movement is a form of medicine. Exercising is important for everybody of every age. However, sometimes we have an unhealthy relationship with exercise. We think it must be done a certain way to “count.” This just isn’t true.

Approaching your fitness routine in a new, more flexible way can help heal your relationship with exercise.

Taking time out of your day to move your body is always a win for your overall health. Whether it’s walking on a treadmill in your living room or lifting weights at the gym, you’re moving in the right direction for your brain and your body.

2.    It Helps Reduce Stress

Stress is prevalent in the world around us. Too much stress can take a toll on our physical and mental health. It can cause problems such as headaches, poor sleep, and digestive distress, to name a few. It’s important to intentionally find ways to reduce your stress.

The calming environment of cozy cardio contrasts with the hectic nature of the world around us. Not only that, but exercise is one of the top ways to combat stress.

3.    You Can Do It from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Does getting ready and out the door hold you back from exercise? Exercising in whatever you’ve got on in the comfort of your own home eliminates those hurdles!

Cozy cardio is an alternative to traditional outdoor or gym exercise. It doesn’t take much to get started, no matter what your limits are.

Keep in mind, it won’t give you the same benefits of more intense exercise, or time spent in nature, but it’s a great complement to other workouts. It’s a perfect stepping stone or way to increase movement on a regular basis.

4.    It Relies on Positive Reinforcement

Maybe exercise isn’t something that you necessarily want to do. But, with cozy cardio, you get to do something you want to do, like watching your favorite TV show or drinking your special healthy beverage, while simultaneously exercising. It’s a win-win!

5.    It’s About Enjoying the Journey More Than the End Goal

It may not be the most intense form of exercise, but that’s not what this fitness approach is about! It’s about loving yourself and creating space for more joy in your life.

Cozy cardio is a low-intensity way to get some exercise in a flexible way, depending on what your needs are day to day. Fitness should not be all-or-nothing.

Is Cozy Cardio Romanticizing Exercise?

Yes. It’s a happy, calm, comfy vibe. And we are here for it!

Although it’s likely not the only fitness activity you need in your life, it’s a great way to help you start exercising if you’re in a slump, are intimidated by more rigorous fitness routines, or don’t want to exercise in public.

We love it because it’s highly accessible and it’s something that’s possible to do right now for almost everyone. There will be days when other workout options aren’t available to you, or you aren’t feeling up to it. That’s ok! On those days, you can treat yourself to some cozy cardio and feel good about moving your body.

Cozy cardio is a mindful, loving approach to fitness that will leave you feeling good mentally and physically.


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Amy Huffmire