How to Protect Your Peace from Negativity

What Does It Mean to Protect Your Peace?

Protecting your peace is all about caring for yourself emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually so that you can enjoy greater calm and serenity in your life.

You must work on cultivating an inner peace that you can access in times of stress and chaos. Negativity is all around us in our modern world. The demands of life and the presence of technology make it all too easy to encounter negativity on a daily basis.

It takes practice and conscious effort to reject negativity and guard personal peace in your life.

A Personal Journey

Inner peace is a personal journey. The answer to how to have peace won’t be the same for everyone. Contemplate what inner peace looks like for you and consider the following ways to protect your peace.

10 Simple Ways to Protect Your Peace from Negativity

10 Simple Ways to Protect Your Peace from Negativity | How to Have Inner Peace and Be Emotionally Resilient | BrainMD

1. Visualize

Use your imagination to visualize a protective boundary around yourself. When you come in contact with negativity, let it simply bounce off your boundary and not touch you.

This visualization concept can take the form of a bouncy bubble, a protective vest, or any other shape that works for you. Visualization can be a quick way to reject negativity. Your inner peace can be maintained and protected when you choose not to accept everything negative that’s offered to you.

2. Let Go

Let go of the past things that aren’t serving you. Holding on to hurt feelings, bad memories, or past mistakes will only dampen your inner peace. Give yourself permission to release these things.

Empower yourself by taking responsibility for choosing joy and peace in your current situation. When you hold on to the negative past, you give away your own power. Take back your power and claim your personal peace.

3. Be Present

Your life is happening now. It can be easy for worries of the future to fill your mind and body with negative energy and emotion.

You may want to try meditation or mindfulness to feel more present. When life gets overwhelming, or fears of the future fill your head, take a deep breath, and come back to the present moment. It can help to narrow your focus and pay attention to just the next minute, next hour, or next day.

4. Set Boundaries

Protection and boundaries often go hand in hand. If you want to protect your peace from negativity, it’s helpful to have boundaries in certain areas of your life. Boundaries don’t have to be rigid, and they can evolve as needed.

Remember that when your boundaries involve other people, open and honest communication is key. People pleasing won’t likely lead to personal peace. Be honest with yourself when making commitments.

Give yourself permission to say “NO” to things that take away from your peace and say “YES” to things that add to your peace.

5. Take Time for Yourself

When thinking about the best way to take time for yourself, you might want to start by asking yourself a few key questions:

  • What do you like to do for fun?
  • What activities bring you joy?
  • What do you wish you could do more of?

After you answer these questions, find a way to add something joyful for yourself into your day or week. You might find it helpful to schedule a specific time for that activity. Taking time for yourself is a beautiful way to practice self-care, which can boost your mental, emotional, and even physical well-being.

6. Reduce Media Consumption

Social media and news media can both be sources that detract from the peace in your life. Consider setting boundaries around media consumption. Taking a break for any length of time from social or news media can refresh you and reduce the negativity in your life.

Of course, not all media is negative. Both social media and news media can be positive, uplifting, and encouraging. Pay attention to how the content you consume affects you and makes you feel. You may just be able to find the right sources of media that can improve your peace.

7. See the Good

It’s an age-old concept that what you look for, you will find.

Choose to see the good, the positive, and the peaceful things in your life. Looking for gratitude is a powerful way to access peace and optimism when you’re feeling down or negative.

You might even want to try a gratitude walk. With each step, turn your thoughts to things that you’re grateful for. Use your senses to discover the little things…your walking feet, the beautiful trees, the warmth of the sun, the chirping birds, your beating heart, and so on.

Next time you’re caught up in negativity, stop and see the good.

8. Practice Acceptance

It can be easy to believe that if only your circumstances were different, inner peace would be more available to you. However, you’ll often face circumstances and situations beyond your control, and how you meet them can affect your state of mind.

It may be difficult to accept that there are things that are out of your control. But, when you accept challenges instead of resisting them, you’ll be better able to go with the flow and experience more peace.

Peace is always an option that’s available to you. Practicing acceptance can help you improve resilience and move toward peace.

9. Find a Quiet Place

Finding a place for seclusion can be a helpful way to escape from distractions and focus inward. Spending time alone with yourself and your thoughts is a way to reset and clear your mind.

You might find yourself wanting quiet time when escaping to an ideal, serene location isn’t possible or practical. Tap into your inner calm and quiet by closing your eyes and breathing for whatever length of time you can. Meditation practices don’t require large amounts of time, or specific locations.

10. Volunteer

Giving service fills you with feelings of gratitude, and boosts happiness. As you use your time, energy, or resources to serve others you’ll also be filled with a sense of accomplishment.

Look outside of yourself to actively make the world a better place. You have the power to be a source of peace and spread joy.

Why Protecting Your Peace Matters

When the little bits of irritation or negativity enter your day, or when weightier challenges occur, this is when the work for inner peace pays off. Slow down, breathe, and gain perspective to walk through life with more grace and optimism.

Protecting your peace isn’t a one-time event that can ever be fully complete. Instead, it’s a daily, life-long practice. It takes time. The more you make a conscious effort to protect your peace from surrounding negativity, the easier it will become to recognize and feel the peace in your life.

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Amy Huffmire
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The timing of this article feels uncanny. Just what I needed to learn at the right moment- thank you 🙏

Donna M Hopcraft

Yes. I thought it over and I let my own child and family members walk all over me for years.
Everything was good when Mom lived. She was our communicator.
Dad said I was meddling when I called him after she died 2 months. Why are you meddling?
Brother was there. We don’t need your stress here. You are just jealous we are close here. You want Mom’s money.
She left a small fortune to Dad. He invested in annuities. He left a fortune. My sister stole more than half.
I’m oldest I don’t feel he wrote the trust good enough to protect my interest.
He says there’s going to be trouble after I’m gone. I told him I will help her. Good. Thanks.
Other brother always too busy to talk. Diner only when I visited. No more invite to his home.
Other sister moved to California. We talked 7 yrs. Then I got diabetic. She says nobody is diabetic in our family. She dropped from sight 5 yrs. She and my daughter only contact me now for money or place to stay. They don’t help me. I’m not important enough to reply to my email. My sister returns my email to me. Even if it’s good news. I don’t send panic calls to them. They do all the time. I’m upset because no family communication!

I said goodbye to my sister today in an email. The only way she communicates. She demands one liners only and freaks out if paragraph. I get mad and don’t talk to her by email for two months. I’m so tired.
I said goodbye to daughter in May. She blasted me on Mother’s Day. I gave her 200.00. she demanded 2000.00. 500.00. 600.00.
I’m SETTING BOUNDARIES AT 73 YRS OLD. I thought after they died Mom and Dad would want me to keep in touch with them. I was wrong. They always told me when I visited they don’t know WHY THEY ACT THAT WAY. THEY DROVE THEM CRAZY TOO!