Vitamin D3 + K2: This Is Why They’re Better Together!
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Nicole Avena

Are you getting enough vitamins and minerals in your diet?

Sadly, millions of Americans aren’t.

In fact, ongoing population surveys indicate the standard American diet (SAD) is failing to provide many of the nutrients we need.

Among the many vitamins most of us aren’t getting enough of daily are vitamins D3 and K2.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is primarily known for building bones and is needed by nearly every cell in the body to function and thrive. Sometimes referred to as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D promotes the actions of serotonin, dopamine, and other key brain neurotransmitters. It’s involved in the healthy regulation of thousands of human genes and is crucial for a strong immune system.

After it’s made in the skin as vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), it becomes converted by the liver and kidneys into a hormone (calcitriol) that has receptors in practically all our tissues. D3 is so important to brain function that its receptors are distributed throughout the brain.

This powerful hormone helps regulate the heart, circulation, gut, liver, pancreas, immune system, and other organ systems. Healthy vitamin D3 levels also can help balance your mood, support your brain function, and generally improve your well-being.

Vitamin D3 is critical for a healthy pregnancy. It also plays a crucial role in the brain’s early development, its ongoing maintenance, and its functions that underlie healthy mood and basic cognition, such as learning and making memories.

Although the body produces vitamin D naturally when exposed to sunlight, research suggests that up to 95% of American adults aren’t getting enough, so supplementation is often recommended.

Vitamin D3 May Help…

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K’s positive actions for the brain and body are frequently underestimated. Vitamin K2, as menaquinone-7 (MK-7), is much more active than vitamin K1. K2 activates brain proteins that not only help control calcium’s potential to do damage, but also support brain cell maturation, survival, and electrical conduction.

Outside the brain, uncontrolled calcium can form stony deposits in the heart valves, large arteries, and elsewhere in the body. Vitamin K2 proteins help direct calcium away from the brain, heart, and other soft tissues and towards the teeth, bones, and nails that need it. K2 promotes the coagulation processes required for healthy wound healing.

Vitamin K2 May Help…

  • build healthy bones*
  • aid the process of blood clotting*
  • protect circulatory and heart health*
  • avert serious memory issues*
  • prevent kidney stone formation and UTIs*
  • fight stress- and mood-related symptoms*

Vitamin D3 + K2: Better Together

When combined with vitamin K2, vitamin D3 helps move calcium into your bones (where it’s needed most), which prevents it from forming deposits in your arteries and blood vessels.

One randomized controlled trial conducted with postmenopausal women who suffered from weak and brittle bones found that after two years of supplementation with vitamin D3, vitamin K2, or both, the women who received both vitamin D3 and K2 experienced better bone mineral density compared to the other groups that took only vitamin D3 or vitamin K2.

Vitamin D3 and K2 both have antioxidant properties. Inadequate amounts of each of these essential vitamins may lead to higher risks of inflammation, memory loss, and neurodegenerative issues. Exciting research has indicated that supplementing with vitamins D3 and K2 may help reduce the mortality rate of viral infections and help prevent long-term health risks.

From this and other research, it seems clear that vitamins D3 and K2 can provide greater benefits together than what each nutrient offers individually.

That’s why BrainMD is proud to offer our unique combo capsule…

Here's Why Vitamin D3 + K2 Are Better Taken Together | D3+K2 Combination | Benefits of D3 + K2


Vitamin D3 + K2

Vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 are fat-soluble vitamins that work together to strengthen bones, promote normal blood clotting, and maintain a healthy heart and arteries.* These vitamins can help combat an unhealthy inflammatory response and protect against serious illness and cognitive decline.*

Vitamin D3 + K2 was developed for optimized bioavailability and absorption.*

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This synergistic combination is so powerful, it’s like sunshine in a bottle and can help support your mood, bone health, immune function, and cognition.” – Daniel G. Amen, MD

D3 + K2 = 1 Essential Supplement

This unique supplement combination can help prevent vitamin deficiency (especially during winter months), fight oxidative stress, promote normal blood clotting, and support a healthy immune system.*

These two powerful vitamins also work synergistically to promote strong bones, support cognitive functioning, and maintain a healthy circulatory system.*

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