BrainMD Products

Happy Saffron Plus

The happiness superherb.

Put Me To Sleep

Bite-sized support for optimal sleep.

Your Brain is
Always Listening by
daniel g. Amen, MD

A paradigm-shifting page turner.

And Energy

Power through any workout
(or workday).

Stress Relief

Stop stress in its tracks.

Bright Minds
Therapy Lamp

Flip the switch to positive mood.

Brain-Healthy Chocolate

For a healthy holiday sweet treat.

The Brain Warrior’s Way Cookbook

To sharpen your healthy home-cooking skills.

Brain Curcumins

Root for health and fight physical fatigue.

Brain Boost

Caffeine-free instant energy in grab & go packets.

Neuro Greens Superfood Powder

Daily wellness, immune support & optimum brain power.

Smart mushrooms

Daily wellness, immune support & optimum brain power.

Daily Packs

Your supplement regimen divvied up into convenient daily packets.

SAMe Mood & Movement 400

Optimize your athletic performance with SAMe.

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

You're not stuck with the brain you have.

Vitamin Organizer

Don’t forget to take your vitamins.

Immune Boost Bundle

Support your body’s natural defenses.