Date: October 2022


Healthy blood flow is crucial to your brain…and your entire body. Blood Flow Basics Your body’s vast network of blood vessels move blood throughout your body, transporting nutrients and oxygen to every cell in your body. Keeping the blood coursing through your vessels is a key to good health. Bl

Your thoughts are powerful! They can have a profound effect on the way you feel, behave, and interact with others. Positive Thinking When you have a positive thought or feel happy, the stress hormone cortisol decreases and the brain produces the neurotransmitter serotonin, which creates a feeling of

Americans love sugar. Sadly, too many people are hooked on sugar-filled foods and snacks. Many beverages, such as flavored coffees, teas, and soft drinks, are loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners. Artificial Sweeteners Artificial sweeteners such as acesulfame potassium (Ace K), aspartame, sacc

In our fast-paced society, maintaining a balanced, healthy diet can be a serious challenge. While on the go, it may be tempting to grab fast food, skip meals, purchase processed foods, and snack on sugar-laden treats. Many people subsist on the standard American diet, which is filled with high glyce