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Best Natural Multivitamin for Men & Women | BrainMD

One of the Best Natural Multivitamins for Men and Women

  Vitamins and minerals are essential for our survival. Our foods provide the energy we need to power our brain and body. But to unlock this energy, we need the essential nutrients that power...
How to Choose a Multivitamin | BrainMD

How to Choose a Multivitamin That’s Right For You

  Are you taking a multivitamin daily? If not, perhaps you’re unsure about the health benefits of multivitamins. Or maybe you’re overwhelmed and don’t know how to choose a multivitamin from the veritable sea...
Best-Vitamins-For-Kids | BrainMD

Vitamins for Kids: Top 7 Nutrients to Keep Kids Healthy

Vitamins for Kids: Top 7 Nutrients to Keep Kids Healthy Thanks to the dramatic amount of growth and development they are experiencing, children need a generous allowance of vitamins and minerals. They are critical...
What You Need in Your Multivitamin

Why You Need More Than 9 Ingredients in Your Daily Multivitamin

  Americans love vitamins and other dietary supplements. More than half of all American adults take supplements, and multiples are more popular than any other supplement category. This is good because scientific surveys consistently...
The Multivitamin Your Kid Will be Asking For

The Multivitamin Your Kids Will Be Asking For

Taking daily vitamins can be a tough habit to start as a grown up, so why not do your kids the favor of starting them young? Children are incredibly active (especially during this time...