Steps to Enhance Your Level of Intimacy Now

Have you ever wondered why women talk more than men and seem to remember every mistake their man makes? Or why men often need constant reminders to do a simple task?

Common relationship frustrations like these may boil down to simple biology – brain biology, that is.

The truth is that your brain–the command and control center of your body and behavior–is significantly different than your male or female partner’s brain.

Understanding the brain’s gender differences will help you improve the quality of your intimate relationship and sex life.

Everyone wants to have a better sex life, right?

Of course! And research provides even more incentive by showing that men live longer when they have sex more frequently and women live longer when they enjoy the sex they have.

Clinical neuroscientist, board-certified psychiatrist, nine-time New York Times best-selling author and brain imaging expert Daniel G. Amen, MD, has distilled brain-related gender differences into simple steps that will enhance your level of intimacy right now.

Dr. Amen should know. He and his colleagues have examined nearly 100,000 SPECT brain scans from men and women in 111 countries around the world.

Take a look at this short video clip from his Brain in Love program where Dr. Amen brings compelling insight to a few of the most common gender stereotypes that cause so much frustration in relationships.

You’ll learn 3 gender-based brain rules for both women and men to follow in order to promote more love and harmony in their relationships.

His discoveries will certainly surprise you and hopefully bring more joy and satisfying intimacy to you and your partner!

Dr. Amen’s Brain in Love Secrets Revealed

Dr. Amen connects brain biology to the following common gender stereotypes, allowing for greater understanding and empathy between the sexes.

The Directions Dilemma

Women, don’t blame your man if he doesn’t ask for directions! “Women seem to have better access to the part of the brain that lets them know when they have a problem. So even though men are usually better at getting from point A to point B, women are much better at knowing when they are lost and they are definitely not shy in telling you about it,” he says.

Why Women Talk, A Lot

Men, do you ever wonder why women use so many words? “Unlike men, who usually only have language on the left side of their brain, women usually have language on both sides of their brains, which makes them more expansive with their communication,” Dr. Amen explains.

For the Love of Shoes

There’s a reason women love collecting shoes and going to their favorite salon for a pedicure. It turns out that the area of the brain that feels your feet is right next to the area of the brain that feels your genitals. Dr. Amen says that technically makes shoe shopping foreplay. (Women, be sure to share this with your partner!)

Women Think, Men Act and Other Brain Differences

Here are some fun brain facts:

  • Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania used brain scans to show that when a man is at rest, at least 70% of his brain is dead. When women were at rest in the same study, at least 90% of their brains were busy and confirming that she’s always thinking.
  • The prefrontal cortex is larger in women. This is the most human, thoughtful part of the brain and when it is low, people are more likely to have trouble with impulse control and excitement-seeking behavior. “This might explain why guys do stupid things like jump out of airplanes much more than women,” notes Dr. Amen.
  • Men have a larger amygdala – an area near the temporal lobes that has been implicated in aggression.
  • Women have a larger hippocampus – a major memory structure in the brain. Dr. Amen says this might explain why a woman is likely to remember every bad thing her man did!

Want More Love and Sex? Follow Dr. Amen’s Brain-Based Rules

While there are exceptions to these generalizations, here are a few of the most helpful rules:


Rule #1: Do not expect your men to act like your best girlfriends.

Yes, men are more interested in sex. The male hormone, testosterone, does that to their brains. The area in the brain responsive to sex hormones is two and a half times larger in men than in women.

Rule #2: If you want your man to listen, use fewer words.

Men use fewer words and they’re more direct. Remember, they usually only have language on the left side of their brain, while women have language on both sides. Give him less and he’ll grasp more.


Rule #1: Do not expect your woman to act like your best guy friends.

Studies report that a woman’s limbic or emotional brain is larger than a man’s, which is why bonding is often easier for women. She likely wants time with you, communication, and not sex all the time.

Rule #2: Help her take care of the home.

With a larger limbic brain, women also have a stronger nesting instinct than men, which means her home is critical to her level of happiness and security. Tend to the “honey-do” list.

Watch the Brain In Love video to learn more rules to boost your love and sex life.

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