How to Help Your Students Study for Finals: Mind & Body Health

How to Help Your Students Study for Finals: Mind & Body Health

Students today face an incredible amount of pressure. The high prices of tuition are only the start, followed by fitting in with peers, attending classes, and figuring out how to perform their best on test day.

It’s easy for parents to worry when their young adult heads off to college – they’re no longer under helpful supervision to watch for warning signs. A lot of learning and growing occurs at college, and a great deal of stress can come when finishing out a semester with seemingly endless papers and tests.

For parents seeking to optimize the brain health of their students during finals week, here are a few recommendations for maximum mind and body health.

4 Ways to Improve Studying for Finals

1. Sleep

A good night’s sleep shouldn’t be overlooked. Sleep deprivation directly affects your memory, and can play a crucial role in the way a student studies. Your brain uses sleep to process information and consolidate memories, making it a crucial step in any student’s study plan.

For parents, convincing your child to get adequate sleep can be tough, especially from afar. Instead of telling your child to set a bedtime, help them manage their schedule well ahead of finals. Encourage them to take breaks during the week leading up to finals so that they don’t burn themselves out. Remind them to take a break every 30 minutes. Also, suggest an organized way of learning, such as with flash cards, so they can make the most of their study sessions.

2. Supplements

Many of us have busy brains. Focusing on one task at a time can be challenging, especially in the age of technology. Putting the phone down and the video games aside can take an enormous amount of willpower for students.

BrainMD’s supplement Focus & Energy helps promote a student’s concentration and attention, enhances energy levels without caffeine, and supports a healthy stress response. Ingredients include standardized concentrates of green tea, ashwagandha, rhodiola rosea, and the powerful Korean red ginseng, along with the nutrient choline to support the brain’s production of acetylcholine which is important for memory and attention. Together, these ingredients work to give a healthy boost to help study for finals.

3. Exercise

Regular exercise plays an important role in boosting circulation, mood and brain health. When you exercise, your body releases natural chemicals to relieve stress, helping students feel more at ease and ready to take on challenges.

Exercise also stimulates your brain by supporting its production of growth-promoting substances to help improve the nerve cell connections and pathways, grow new blood vessels, and even potentially improve the abundance and survival of new brain cells. Taking a study break to go for a run might help students during their routine leading up to finals.

4. Diet

Sugary, high-carb and processed diets contribute to many health problems. This type of poor diet is often referred to as SAD (Standard American Diet) due to its prevalence in today’s normal routines.

Students who are affected by attention issues especially benefit from improving their diets. By eating more proteins and fewer simple carbs, students are likely to experience less fluctuation in their blood sugar levels and a boost in concentration.

Many factors to help study for a test come down to implementing healthy habits, and one way to give your student an extra boost is with Focus & Energy. As BrainMD’s essential product to help improve a student’s ability to perform, many people can take advantage of its powerful mix of nutrients and safe, clinically proven herbal concentrates to strive for excellence this semester.

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