Common Myths & Facts About Collagen Powders According to Dr. Nicole Avena

Are you noticing more wrinkles or less elasticity in your skin as you age? Have you ever wondered why joints start to ache more over the years? Could the protein that makes up a staggering 30% of our body hold the secret to reversing these signs of aging?

Collagen, the most abundant protein in the human body, plays a fundamental role in maintaining the integrity of our skin, joints, bones, and connective tissues. As we age, however, our body’s natural collagen production declines, resulting in less skin elasticity, more wrinkles, and potential health issues.

The good news is, supplementing with collagen peptides, particularly those with concentrated levels of bioactive dipeptides like Smart Collagen’s proline-hydroxyproline (PO) and hydroxyproline-glycine (OG), can help biosynthesize new collagen, promote dermal repair, support cellular rejuvenation, and enhance skin radiance.*

But not all collagen is the same. While collagen supplementation has recently gained popularity, many misconceptions cloud its understanding.

Today, we’re exploring the truths, busting common myths, and highlighting what sets Smart Collagen apart from other collagen supplements. Here to answer our burning questions about Smart Collagen is BrainMD’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Nicole Avena.

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Collagen Uncovered: The Truths Behind the Myths

Collagen Facts & Myths | Common Myths of Collagen Powders | BrainMD

Can our bodies produce enough collagen naturally?

While our bodies do produce collagen, the rate significantly decreases as we age, leading to signs of aging and decreased joint mobility. Supplementing with Smart Collagen can help replenish these levels, supporting skin elasticity, joint health, and cognitive function.*

Can your body’s own collagen be restored?

Yes, contrary to the myth, supplementing with specific collagen peptides has been shown to stimulate the body’s collagen synthesis, effectively aiding in the restoration and rejuvenation of tissues.

Are collagen powder and protein powder interchangeable?

No, collagen powder and protein powder serve different nutritional purposes. Collagen powder is specifically aimed at enhancing collagen production in the body, whereas protein powders are broader, catering to general protein needs. Collagen also does not have all nine essential amino acids, so collagen is not a complete protein.

Is collagen solely a beauty supplement?

Absolutely not! Beyond beauty, collagen plays a crucial role in overall health, including joint flexibility, bone density, gut and cardiovascular health, and even cognitive function.

Are collagen supplements only for the elderly?

Starting collagen supplementation early can proactively combat the natural decline in production, benefiting individuals of all ages.

Do collagen supplements need to be in capsule form to be effective?

Not necessarily. Collagen peptides in powder form are equally effective, as they’re designed to be absorbed easily, regardless of the delivery method.

Is collagen just for women?

Collagen’s health benefits are universal, supporting everyone’s skin health, joint flexibility, and overall wellness just as effectively.

Do collagen supplements work, considering collagen gets broken down in the digestive tract?

Yes, hydrolyzed collagen peptides are designed for optimal absorption, meaning they can effectively support collagen production in the body despite the digestive process. Collagen supplements rich in bioactive dipeptides proline-hydroxyproline and hydroxyproline-glycine, like BrainMD’s Smart Collagen, are the most bioavailable and effective collagen products on the market.*

Are all hydrolyzed collagens the same?

The quality of hydrolyzed collagen can vary significantly. Supplements like Smart Collagen, with high levels of specific bioactive dipeptides, are formulated for maximum efficacy.*

Can taking or drinking collagen reduce wrinkles or increase skin elasticity?

Yes, scientific studies have validated that regular intake of collagen peptides can significantly improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Can I get enough collagen from my diet?

While certain foods do contain collagen, it’s challenging to consume enough daily to impact your health visibly. Smart Collagen provides a concentrated, easily absorbable form of collagen, ensuring you get the right amounts your body needs for optimal health.*

Will taking collagen lead to immediate results?

Smart Collagen Powder | BrainMD While some may notice improvements in a few weeks, clinical research suggests ingestion of 5g/day of collagen peptides with concentrated levels of PO + OG can help improve brain structure, memory, and language-related cognitive function after just 4 weeks. Significant results, especially in skin appearance and joint health, generally become more apparent after consistent use over a few months.

Collagen’s role in our health is undeniably vital. Smart Collagen, with its unique composition of bioactive dipeptides, stands out for its ability to support not only skin radiance but overall bodily health.* Dispelling myths and understanding the facts can empower us to make informed decisions about collagen supplementation, recognizing its place as a valuable ally in our wellness regimen.

Unlock the power of Smart Collagen for a vibrant, healthier you.*



At BrainMD, we’re dedicated to providing the highest purity nutrients to improve your physical health and overall well-being. For more information about our full list of brain healthy supplements, please visit us at BrainMD.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This content is for informational purposes only. It is not meant to substitute for medical or healthcare advice from a physician, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your healthcare provider before beginning a new health regimen.

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Where is the collogen derived from? Is it vegan?

BrainMD Team

Hi thank you for reaching out! Smart Collagen is sourced from the finest porcine available and contains concentrated levels of two bioactive dipeptides: proline-hydroxyproline (PO) and hydroxyproline-glycine (OG).* You can read all of the benefits with references to each study on our product page:


where does the collagen come from for this product?

BrainMD Team

Hi thank you for reaching out! Smart Collagen is sourced from the finest porcine available and contains concentrated levels of two bioactive dipeptides: proline-hydroxyproline (PO) and hydroxyproline-glycine (OG).* You can read all of the benefits with references to each study on our product page: