Nourish Your Skin, Joints and Brain with BrainMD’s Smart Collagen Powder
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Nicole Avena

We all want to look and feel young.

Unfortunately, many age-defying treatments come with unwanted side effects.

That’s why collagen has become so popular in recent years. Consumers looking for skin, bone, joint, and brain benefits have turned to collagen creams, powders, and capsules to help them recapture some of their youthful glow and vitality.

But what exactly is collagen and what are its benefits?

Let’s take a closer look…

Collagen Basics

Collagen is a fibrous protein that forms connective tissue and provides structure and support to various parts of the body. It’s produced naturally in the body by breaking down dietary proteins into smaller components called amino acids. These amino acids then combine to form different types of collagen, which serve various purposes in the body.

Having an abundance of healthy collagen helps keep our skin elastic, our nails and bones strong, and our joints well lubricated. Collagen makes up roughly 80 percent of our skin and works in tandem with elastin to help skin maintain its structure and shape.

Unfortunately, we begin losing a small percentage of our body’s collagen each year starting in our 20s. Lifestyle factors – such as exposure to sun and pollution, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, and regular intake of sugar and refined carbohydrates – may cause collagen to degrade even faster.

What Are Collagen Peptides?

Collagen peptides (also known as hydrolyzed collagen) are small proteins derived from animal collagen and are specifically designed for enhanced absorption and bioavailability. They’re the building blocks of the body’s connective tissues, promoting the health of skin, joints, bones, and more.

These proteins are broken down into shorter chains of two or three amino acids, which allows them to be easily absorbed in the body’s GI tract. Collagen peptides play a vital role in supporting various bodily functions and help maintain brain health.

While our bodies naturally produce collagen and amino acids, it’s essential to obtain some of these nutrients from external sources to help support optimal wellness. Incorporating foods rich in these key amino acids, such as collagen peptides from bone broth, into your diet can help support your skin quality, joint mobility, and cognitive function. Collagen supplementation also may be beneficial in supporting the brain and numerous bodily systems.

That’s why BrainMD is excited to offer its new, advanced brain and beauty formula…

Smart Collagen 2

Smart Collagen

Taking Smart Collagen may help promote clear skin, healthy bones, better mobility, and improved cognition.*

Rich in collagen types I (for bone strength and skin health) and III (for muscles and blood vessels), Smart Collagen’s groundbreaking porcine formula delivers one of the most potent and scientifically advanced collagen supplements currently on the market.* It contains up to 30x the level of bioactive dipeptides – proline-hydroxyproline (PO) and hydroxyproline-glycine (OG) – compared to standard collagen peptides.*

Top Benefits of Smart Collagen

Smart Collagen may help:

  • Reduce visible signs of skin aging in as little as 4 weeks*
  • Improve skin tone and texture*
  • Boost cognitive function and memory*
  • Support optimal cardiovascular and gut health*
  • Promote joint health and mobility*
  • Protect against pressure injuries*
  • Regulate healthy blood sugar and insulin levels*
  • Provide quicker recovery time*
  • Maintain healthy bone density and joint tissue*
  • Enhance hair and nail health*

Who Can Benefit from Smart Collagen?

Elderly and Middle-aged Individuals – Collagen peptide supplementation may play a role in healthy cognition and brain structure. This may help with memory, learning, and language skills in older adults.

Men and Women – Adults can enjoy the cognitive-enhancing effects of this product. Also, collagen peptides help provide the body with additional protein, which can be absorbed and used by the muscles.

Those Struggling with Memory Loss – A pilot study showed promise for improved memory and cognition in those who consume 5 g of collagen peptides daily.

What’s the Smart Collagen Difference?

Smart Collagen is rooted in cutting-edge research and advanced hydrolysis technology. Rich in specific collagen peptides high in PO and OG, this innovative formula is designed to maximize the efficacy and benefits of collagen.*

Unlike other types of collagen, collagen foods, and collagen vitamins, Smart Collagen’s specialized peptides are scientifically shown to be more effective in delivering the rejuvenating benefits of collagen to your brain and body.*

Smart Collagen By the Numbers


years of clinical research


“gold standard” randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical studies


patents worldwide


parts per million (ppm) of PO and OG – many collagen supplements contain less than 100 ppm*

Smart Collagen Ingredient

Porcine Collagen Peptides

Smart Collagen is sourced from the finest porcine available and contains concentrated levels of two bioactive dipeptides: proline-hydroxyproline (PO) and hydroxyproline-glycine (OG).*

Smart Collagen FAQ

How much Smart Collagen should I take?

For optimal results, take one packet of Smart Collagen daily. We recommend mixing the product in hot water first before adding it to other beverages or foods. This ensures proper dissolution and maximum absorption.*

When can I expect to see results?

Results vary from person to person. However, clinical research indicates significant differences over placebo at various intervals: within 4 weeks for cognitive function, 12 weeks for cardiovascular function, and 4 weeks for a more even skin tone.*

Is this product safe to take during pregnancy?

We recommend consulting your physician prior to starting this supplement if pregnant or lactating.

Which other supplements would make Smart Collagen work even better?

We recommend pairing Smart Collagen with Brain & Memory Power Boost to support your memory and cognitive function, and OMNI Protein plant-based powder for an extra boost of bioavailable protein.

Does Smart Collagen contain any allergens?

No. It’s free of eggs, dairy, gluten, sugar, and tree nuts.

Beauty from Within

Collagen offers a wide range of brain and body benefits.* It’s particularly well-known for countering the effects of skin aging and improving joint mobility.*

Smart Collagen is designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily routine. Its neutral taste provides all the benefits of collagen without altering the flavor of your favorite foods or beverages.

For the best results, simply dissolve one packet of Smart Collagen in hot water, then blend into your daily smoothie, add to your morning coffee, or mix into your meals.

Give yourself a rejuvenating brain and beauty boost.*

Try Smart Collagen today!


At BrainMD, we’re dedicated to providing the highest purity nutrients to improve your physical health and overall well-being. For more information about Smart Collagen and our full list of brain healthy supplements, please visit us at BrainMD.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This content is for informational purposes only. It is not meant to substitute for medical or healthcare advice from a physician, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your healthcare provider before beginning a new health regimen.

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Are there any precautions to look for with this collagen? I have thyroid issues & take thyroid meds. Other brands warn of possible effects with autoimmune issues

BrainMD Team

Hi there, thank you for reaching out! We recommend that you speak with your doctor before using any supplement, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions or are pregnant/nursing or taking medications. We are not aware of any known reasons it cannot be taken if one has an autoimmune concern—if anything, the studies published suggest it would benefit individuals in this situation.


I wish it was a month’s worth in one box! (not just 20 days)

BrainMD Team

Hi there, thank you for reaching out! 20 sticks servings are typical for this type of product because we do recommend to take a break (weekends). For example, 5 days on and 2 days off. This is also common for protein supplements (20-21 servings/case).