Get Yourself Back on Track After Thanksgiving

Did you eat so much pie that you are starting to look like a pumpkin?

Is the smell of gravy coming from your pores?

Did you learn the hard way what a food hangover is?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone!

The results of a study by the Calorie Control Council concluded that the average American could consume as much as 4,500 calories and 229 grams of fat on Thanksgiving Day. According to USA Today, that’s equivalent to seven Burger King Whoppers or 15 Dairy Queen hot fudge sundaes.

Too many carbs, too much sugar, too much booze…

Chances are you knew that having a third serving of your Grandmother’s pumpkin cheesecake wasn’t the best idea, but in the moment you just couldn’t resist.

The good news is that one day of overindulgence is not going to irrevocably wreak havoc on your system. There are things you can do to help get your body and mind back-on-track.


For yourself! It is incredibly important that you challenge any automatic negative thoughts (ANTs) you have and avoid blame, shame and guilt! This type of “stinking thinking” is sure to sabotage your attempts at getting back on track.

Remember, when you have thoughts that are negative, mad, sad, hopeless or helpless, your brain releases chemicals that make you feel bad. Conversely, every time you have a thought that is good, happy, hopeful, kind or loving, your brain releases chemicals that make you feel good.


Don’t try to make up for the extra calories by skipping meals the next day. That just leaves you hungry. Plus, skipping meals can trigger your metabolism to slow down and can throw off your hunger/satiety hormones.

Instead, focus on eating lean protein and lots of fresh vegetables, while avoiding sugar. The protein and fiber in the vegetables help to slow digestion, which will help you feel full longer, and keep your metabolism churning.


Exercising is a great way to get back on track. But don’t do a mega-workout to try to burn off all the calories you just ate. Just get moving. This helps control cravings, burns calories and helps to balance your mood and blood sugar. Go for a long walk (walk like you’re late), or maybe do some lunges, squats and crunches while watching your favorite holiday movie. Exercise will induce sweating out excess salt and helps you regain your sense of what a healthy body feels like.


Your body fluids transport waste products in and out of your cells, while your kidneys and liver flush those waste products and other toxins out of your body. However, this process can only work properly and efficiently if you are well-hydrated.

Research shows that drinking water naturally curbs your appetite. It can also help you feel better fast, because drinking more water flushes out excess sodium to help you quickly de-bloat. And it gets things moving in your digestive system to relieve constipation.

It is recommended that you drink at least 84 ounces of water a day. But who really likes to drink plain water all day long? Try BrainMD Health’s newly reformulated Brain Boost on the Go – a convenient way to add nutrients and flavor to your daily hydration.

Getting back on track is important after Thanksgiving because the holidays have only just begun! You CAN do it!