5 Steps to a Truly Healthy Lifestyle That Lasts


You can make a commitment to adopting healthy habits at any time of year – and at any moment, including right now.

The challenge is, how do you take healthy lifestyle tips and make them stick?

Here are some strategies on how to get healthy.

Readiness to Change

Interestingly, researchers looked at people who made New Year’s resolutions and found that those who were ready to take action and commit to effecting change with a resolution were 10 times more likely to succeed than those who were not yet ready to commit to a plan of action.

Readiness is key!

One way to ready yourself for a change involves looking at any unhealthy behaviors and honestly assessing what they’re costing you. After looking closely at an unhealthy habit, you may find yourself ready to try something new.

The American Psychological Association provides the following recommendations for making lasting changes in life:

  1. Make a realistic plan that is specific and doable
  2. Start small
  3. Change one behavior at a time
  4. Involve a buddy
  5. Ask for support

5 Steps to Living a Healthier Life

Steps to Get a Healthy Lifestyle

Let’s start by addressing the low hanging fruit. That is four of the major lifestyle factors that drive illness: poor diet, inactivity, tobacco smoking, and overconsumption of alcohol.

 1. Improve Your Diet

Too often, people look at diet in terms of losing weight. Don’t! Instead, look at diet in terms of fueling your brain and body. Achieving a healthy weight often results when you eat for your brain and body health.

Try eating brain-healthy foods – quality, lean hormone-free proteins eaten throughout the day in smart portions; colorful fruits and vegetables that contain loads of brain-protective antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins; low-glycemic, high-fiber carbohydrates that don’t spike blood sugar; and brain-fueling and heart-healthy fats that come from olive oil, fish and nuts.

Tip: A simple, manageable start could be eating more vegetables with each meal.

 2. Move Your Body

How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle | BrainMD Physical exercise can boost blood flow, which benefits your brain and entire body. Even moderate exercise can help increase energy. Oh, and it can reduce food cravings, too!

Tip: You don’t need to join a gym or run a marathon. Start by simply walking outside a few times a week. Build from there.

 3. Stop Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

Most of us know that smoking tobacco and excessive alcohol consumption are risk factors for a host of illnesses. They simply aren’t consistent with a healthy lifestyle. If you quit smoking and limit your alcohol consumption, you’ll have boosted your health significantly.

Tip: If you’re a smoker, the good news is that plenty before you have quit. In fact, more than three out of five adults who have ever smoked successfully quit, the CDC reports. You can do it!

4. Get Better Sleep

Did you know that roughly 70 million Americans struggle with sleep? Sleep affects mood, immune function, memory, and the ability to concentrate. The Sleep Foundation recommends 7 to 9 hours of sleep for adults.

Tip: Start small by making your bedtime 15 minutes earlier each night for a week.

 5. Fortify Your Brain

Boost Your Memory with Brain and Memory Power Boost | BrainMD Your brain is what directs every decision you make. Support its optimal function with brain directed nutrients. BrainMD has a formula designed to do just that.

Brain & Memory Power Boost is designed with seven key ingredients that are clinically proven to support healthy mental connectivity, sharpness, and sustained focus, as well as healthy brain circulation.

Tip: Start by taking an essential supplement like Brain & Memory Power Boost every day. Then, add other brain healthy supplements as needed.

Final Thought

Give yourself time and space to develop healthy habits. Celebrate the simple, lasting changes you make.

Living a healthy lifestyle happens one change at a time. Continue to educate yourself about health and savor the ongoing benefits of living a healthy lifestyle!

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Kim Henderson