Kid’s NeuroVite Supplements

By definition, vitamins and essential minerals are substances that are essential for normal health and functioning. Without them we develop deficiency symptoms that can be serious. Since they cannot be made by the body in sufficient quantities, they must be taken in from the environment – typically through food.

Thanks to the dramatic amount of growth and development they are experiencing, children are especially in need of generous allowances of vitamins and minerals, which are critical for healthy growth, activity, learning, and behavior.

Without question, the best possible source of vitamins and minerals for kids is high-quality, organic, locally-grown, unprocessed food.

However, for most time-crunched families, eating home-cooked, well-balanced meals made from these ingredients 100% of the time just isn’t possible. Additionally, it is possible for genetic variation to raise an individual’s requirements for a vitamin or mineral to way higher than they can obtain even from a perfect diet.

Many Children Eat Less Than a Minimum Daily Allowance of Nutrients

Alarming studies show that a high percentage of children in North America and other developed countries eat less than the minimum daily allowance of many essential nutrients. Additional studies indicate that modern foods don’t meet children’s needs for these nutrients.

Adding an expertly designed multivitamin/mineral supplement to their diet helps to fill any nutritional gaps.

Many clinical research studies have established that supplementing children’s diets with multiple vitamins and essential minerals supports their brain and body development.

So now that you know the importance of giving your child a multiple vitamin-mineral supplement, you are still faced with trying to figure out which one to buy: There are a lot of multiples out there – if you’ve ever walked down the vitamin aisle of your local health food store, pharmacy, or grocery store, you know how many choices there are.

That’s why Dr. Amen and his BrainMD team developed Kids’ NeuroVite – to take the guess work out of what multiple vitamin-mineral supplement to use for your kids. This science-based formulation provides generous amounts of well-utilized nutrients for:

  • making energy (magnesium, the B vitamins)
  • supporting the brain’s maturation (methylfolate, methylB12, choline)
  • improving immunity (vitamin C, zinc, selenium)
  • supporting vision (lutein, zeaxanthin)

Get kids started with the support they need. Kids’ NeuroVite was developed for my own children and grandchildren. It can help yours, too. – Daniel G. Amen, MD


The BrainMD team scoured the clinical research to document which nutrients are best proven for kids over the long term. We didn’t take any shortcuts when selecting the ingredients for our Kids’ NeuroVite. A broad spectrum of nutrients for healthy minds and active bodies was chosen while paying close attention to purity, optimal absorption, and utilization.

You know what you WON’T find in Kids’ NeuroVite? Ingredients that you might find in other kids’ multivitamin/mineral supplements that:

  1. May be unsafe, such as cyanocobalamin (cyanide with vitamin B12)
  2. Are poorly absorbed, such as magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, other oxides
  3. Are poorly utilized once absorbed, such as folic acid, beta-carotene (poorly converted to vitamin A), and vitamin D2
  4. Are simply unnecessary, such as titanium dioxide, artificial colorants, and sugar

Your child will LOVE the taste of the orange-flavored penguin chewables which are free from sugar, dairy, gluten, wheat, eggs, and artificial colorings or flavorings.  Give BrainMD’s Kids’ NeuroVite a try- risk free!

We offer a 1-year, money back guarantee on your first bottle of any supplement. And you will have peace of mind knowing that you are providing your child with high-quality “nutritional health insurance,” adds Dr. Amen.